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Stainless Steel Application of Grades SS 301 304 304L 310S 316 316L 321 409 409M

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Stainless Steel Application of Grades SS 301 304 304L 310S 316 316L 321 409 409M
Stainless Steel Application of Grades SS 301 304 304L 310S 316 316L 321 409 409M
Stainless Steel Application of Grades SS 301 304 304L 310S 316 316L 321 409 409M
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 Technical Info :

Application of Grades

SS 301 :-
An austentic Stainless steel, because of its ability to attain high strength and ductility through moderate or severe cold working can be used for automobile trims , conveyor belts, transportation cars such as railway coaches metal fixture for construction purpose, roof drainage  products, storm door-frames, tableware etc.

SS 304 :-
It is a most widely used austentic stainless steel , It has excellent corrosion resistance and forming characteristics.  Used Chemical , Petro-chemical and fertilizer industries, and pharmaceutical industries  and as equipment in dairy, food processing, pharmaceutical industries in hospitals, households as kitchen wares, sinks, cutlery, cryogenic vessels and as heat exchangers in air-conditioning, refrigeration, for machinery in paper, pulp, textile beverage sector etc.

SS 304 L :-
It is used in place of  SS304 for improved resistance to inter-granular corrosion. It is used for parts and structures which can not be heat treated for stress relieving after welding. Has less tendency to work harden.

These are austentic type with higher Chromium and Nickel content Because of their relatively hoifh creep strength and mechanical properties at higher temperatures these steel find applications for higher temperatures these steel find applications higher temperature and severe service conditions. Used for air heaters annealing boxes, ovens, carburizing boxes, fire box sheets, furnace linings, furnace stacks and dampers, gas turbine parts heat exchangers kiln lining, nozzle diaphragm assemblies for turbo jet engines, oil burner parts, paper mill equipment, oil refinery equipment, recuperators  etc.

SS 316 :-
An austentic stainless steel  with 2.0 to 3% Mo. Which improves corrosion resistance against halogens and imparts hot strength  charactestics . Used for applications requiring resistance to pitting corrosion and in halogen atmospheres. Typical applications : architectural trims, marine exteriors, chemical processing equipment, food processing equipment, petroleum refining equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, photographic equipment, pulp and paper processing equipment, textile finising equipment, pollution control etc.

SS 316L :-
Recommended in place of 316 of when weldability has to be improved.

SS 321 :-
An austentic stainless Steel similar to SS 304 but stabilized with titanium to avoid inter-granular corrosion .Type  SS 321 resists scaling and vibration fatigue. It is used for aircraft exhaust stacks and manifolds pressure vessels, large mufflers for stationary dieselengines, carburetors, expansion bellows, stack liners, fire walls, super heaters etc.

SS 409/409M :-
It is the lowest alloyer straight  Chromium ferritic stainless steel. It replace carbon steel and low alloy steel where some amount of heat or  corrosion resistance and higher strenght is required and where appearance is secondary. It is used for fins in heater tubes. Automotive exhaust stystems including mufflers, resonators, silencers, pipes, and emission control units, high pressure agricultural spray tanks, culverts, shipping container, farm equipments, etc.

SS 410S is the most commonly used 12%  Chromium Stainless Steel. Excellent combination of toughness and strength can be developed. It is a good choice when good formability and high strength are required and the end use demands resistance to mildly corrosive environment. It is used for furnace parts and burners operating below 650 O.C. micrometer parts, tray supports, caps and vaporizers in petroleum fractionating towers, lining for reaction chambers, coal screens fishing tackles keys, a.p. brackets, rules and tapes wall screens, equipment, press plates, etc.

This Steel contains most. 0.15%C and 12% Cr. It can be thermally hardened to develop very high strength. Extermely usedful for cutlery. Other applications include vegetable choppers, scissors, shears, tweezers, hand tools, dental and surgical instrument, etc.

SS 430 with 17% Cr. Is inferior to SS 304 as regards deep durability Through it is used under less severe corrosive atmospheres for chemical processing equipment, furnace parts, heat exchangers, oil burner Parts, petroleum rolling equipment pyrometers, protection tubes, recuperators , rubber plant machinery, scientific apparatus, storage vessels, tubing, television cones, electrical appliances, solar water heaters, air conditioners, kitchenware, household appliances, decorative trims, parts for washing machines etc.


EN-36 :-
Disc wheels, Grooved shafts, Cams, Gears, Heavy duty gears for aircraft  Heavy vehicle and automobile transmission parts, General engineering  works, Universal joints. Mainly used for highly stressed machine parts which are intended for cementation for high strength and core toughness.


Leaf and volute springs, Road and Railway vehicle  springs including helical and capable is tacking up a good hardness and possesses an increased stability in tempering.


High duty volute and leaf spring, heavy engine  value springs, Helical and Torsional bar springs. It has high ratio of yield point to tensile strength and high torisional fatigue strength.


Gear, Pinions, lay shafts, Camshafts, Mining haulage suspension, Lifting gears.
Generally used for parts where direct hardening is preferred. It can also used as altenative to EN-35 & EN-36A Steels.



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